Recent enhancements speed up the use of E-Claim

Recent enhancements speed up the use of E-Claim

Thanks to new developments, the E-Claim service from MABISZ has been expanded.

Address data can now be entered in an electronic application using smart input. We start typing the address and the application automatically fills in the field. The number of images that can be sent has been increased, and participants in the accident can record damaged parts in vehicles graphically, as well as indicate in writing the nature of the damage. They can more accurately capture the circumstances of an accident using an expanded list of emergency situations. These improvements will further simplify, accelerate and improve collaboration between victims and insurers, and even contactless, secure and digital reporting of claims.

The main goal of the improvements is to expand the list of claims that can be reported and provide insurers with more accurate data. This reduces the time required to resolve claims and pay. The app also helps fill out faster, with insurers sending nearly 1 million QR codes to their customers, making it easier to read vehicle insurance data.

Since its release in January 2019, the app has already undergone several improvements and feature enhancements. You will be able to cope even with situations when one of the participants in the accident has a contractual relationship with a foreign insurer or does not even have valid insurance. You can notify the owner or operator of the accident (for example, if the car was driven by someone else), you can enter an estimated cost of damage. The function of reporting on CASCO claims was also built in.

In recent months, the need for contactless contact with the COVID19 virus has also helped a growing number of crash participants use this new digital filing channel, which is accepted and supported by all insurers, instead of the blue and yellow form.

When comparing the number of reported claims, the use of E-Claim has increased by 10% in the first three months of this year, by 20% since the introduction of epidemiological restrictions and by 30% in August compared to the same period last year. This year, about 5,000 claims were received by insurance companies via E-Claim.

A significant proportion of users have used the app with great satisfaction, and 82 percent would also recommend it to their friends.