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SENZAR INSURANCE is the owner of domain name, as well as the copyright owner for this website content, unless otherwise directly specified in individual cases on the website. The copyright of SENZAR INSURANCE applies to all materials posted to website (hereinafter referred as the “Site”), as well as to any materials that may be deleted or modified by SENZAR INSURANCE.

These Rules of site using (hereinafter referred as the “Rules”) have been designed for the visitors/users of the Site and describe the actions aimed at ensuring the information confidentiality about the visitors/users of the Site.


This Site is for information only. SENZAR INSURANCE shall not be liable for probable consequences of the information use on the site. No registration is required to visit/use the Site.

By using the Site, you agree to these Rules. These Rules are an agreement between you and SENZAR INSURANCE, the subject of which is described in these Rules. SENZAR INSURANCE may make changes to the Rules from time to time without prior notice to the visitors/users of the Site.

The Site contains the information of financial services provided by SENZAR INSURANCE, as well as information to be disclosed to clients, set out in the Law of Hungary “On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services Markets” and other information, documents and data which must be disclosed in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

Among other things, the public parts of financial service agreements concluded in the form of accession agreements and proposal (offer) agreements of SENZAR INSURANCE concerning the conclusion of electronic agreements in accordance with the Law of Hungary “On Electronic Commerce”, are exchanged on the Site.


The information of financial services is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis on this Site. You agree that any information, posted on this Site, is subject to your own evaluation before making a decision based on it. You also agree to be fully responsible for the use of this information. SENZAR INSURANCE owns or has the right to use the information posted on this Site. Any visitor/user has the right to display, store, reformat, print and perform other actions with the information contained on this Site. However, the publication, transmission, placing or distribution of the information in any other form, as well as making alterations and changes to the information contained on this Site, are prohibited without the prior written consent of SENZAR INSURANCE.

In cases when the visitors/users fill in on-line applications/questionnaires/forms and/or send e-mails for receiving information in detail or feedback, they leave personal information for its further processing by the relevant departments of SENZAR INSURANCE. Under such conditions, SENZAR INSURANCE may contact with the persons who filled in and sent such applications/questionnaires/forms in order to provide answers and more information, process the provided data, schedule the meetings, send the publications or marketing materials, etc.

Encryption technology is used to protect such information, as the data is sent across the internet. In particular, it may be necessary to provide the personal information in the following cases.


On this Site the visitors can find out about the financial services provided by SENZAR INSURANCE, and, if they are interested in obtaining additional information, it is necessary to fill in the questionnaires for relevant financial services, as well as leave their contact details for further communication with SENZAR INSURANCE.

Among other things, the Site may be used by the visitor to execute its powers under agreements concluded with SENZAR INSURANCE.


If you are assigned a login (user name) and password (as a client or authorized user of the Site), you are responsible for its confidentiality preservation and agree to be fully responsible for actions taken under your login (user name). Each time after the work end you agree to log out of the client access system and immediately notify SENZAR INSURANCE if you suspect that your privacy has been violated.


In exchange for the right to use the information or services of this Site, you agree to provide the accurate information while registering and to update it immediately if it is necessary for providing the accuracy of such information. SENZAR INSURANCE does not collect the personal information of the visitors/users that are confidential by means of the Site, except as required by the applicable legislation (for example, upon conclusion of an insurance agreement).


SENZAR INSURANCE complies with the requirements of the current legislation of Hungary, in particular, the Law of Hungary CXII of 2011 “On Personal Data Protection”, the Law of Hungary “On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services Markets”, the Law of Hungary “On Insurance” and does not disclose the personal information except as required by the applicable legislation of Hungary.


SENZAR INSURANCE stores the information received from the visitors/users of the Site, solely for the purpose of providing them with appropriate services. The contact information, indicated in the registration form, is used by SENZAR INSURANCE in order to interact with our authorized users, both on an individual basis and through the sending of collective messages. You have the right to refuse the delivery of the messages sent to different recipients at the same time, but then you agree to respond immediately to any messages sent specifically to you and relating to your use of this Site.


For ease of use, this Site may contain pointers for transition to other sites. And while SENZAR INSURANCE makes every effort to ensure that other sites are reliable, we are not responsible for your use of other sites or for any damage caused by their use. Before posting the personal information (personal data) on other sites we recommend the visitors/users to take a close look at their confidentiality policy and/or Rules of site using.


The Site or any of its sections/subsections may use cookies, statistical program Google Analytics.

COOKIES Cookies technology will allow our Site to store the information identification devices (“identifiers”), which will be used only by our Site when you visit it, in your browser. Cookies are not used to identify a person who is the visitor of the Site. If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can set your browser to notify you when you receive one, then choose whether to accept it or not. However, by disabling cookies in your browser settings, you will not be able to use all features of the Site.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS provides the digital analytic tools for its users in order to track effectiveness of marketing campaigns, level of availability and informativeness of content that is searched on the site and more. SENZAR INSURANCE uses this technology solely for the purpose of compiling generalized statistics on the visitors of our Site, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns/mailings. Obtained information helps SENZAR INSURANCE to improve the Site with account taken of the needs of its visitors/users. Statistical program Google Analytics does not collect or store the personal information of the visitors/users of the Site, as well does not use or share the data of our analytics.


SENZAR INSURANCE shall not be liable for the completeness and adequacy of the information provided about themselves by the visitors/users of the Site within the framework of these Rules. If the users of the Site have specific questions related to the activities of SENZAR INSURANCE, please do not hesitate to contact SENZAR INSURANCE in any way convenient for you. If you have access to any part of the Site of SENZAR INSURANCE and/or any information from the Site, it is considered that you have read and agreed to these Rules.