Insurance Programs

UNION Champagne

About the program

UNION-Champagne is a funded pension insurance that you can continuously increase until retirement. In addition to recurring payments, you can supplement your contract with a larger amount at any time.

Who can get insurance?

UNION-Champagne pension insurance can be applied for by adults between the ages of 18 and 60, at least 5 years before reaching the retirement age. Insurance cannot be issued in the event of health damage exceeding 40%.

Who can be insured?

The Insured person can be a natural person (individual), who has reached the age of 18 at the time of the conclusion of the insurance contract and who has at least 5 years left before reaching the retirement age applicable to the Insured person in accordance with legal provisions valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract.
UNION-Champagne pension insurance can be obtained by both individuals and legal entities.

What are the components of savings?

Your recurring payments (and periodic payments).

The return you receive from your investment depends on the performance of the asset funds you choose.

20% tax credit per year based on your regular and one-off retirement benefits for that year

Reimbursement of premiums equal to 100% of the minimum annual premium paid during the last insurance years for the 10th insurance year, and 50% each for the 15th and 20th years.

What coverage do you get with your family?

In case of death, the sum insured will be paid.

In the event of accidental death, we pay six times the sum insured.

In case of damage to health, the sum insured will be paid.

What do you get with your insurance?

UNIONs online interface, where you can track your savings and change your portfolio of assets at any time.

Monitor exchange rate. If you are concerned that a sharp drop in the exchange rate could lead to large losses, you can count on us. Selected asset funds are continuously monitored and activated if the exchange rate falls above a certain level.